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Tracy Herbert



Live Longer Stay Healthy Remain Independent

Have you or your friends ever complained about getting older? “Longevity Codes” delves into 8 core concepts that help readers change the way they approach aging to live a longer, healthier, and more independent life.

Unlike most diet and exercise tools, this comprehensive podcast series and book dives much deeper, even to the cellular level, to help listeners and readers discover how to make a mental, motivational shift that can grow into better choices, to make cellular changes that help us prevent disease, weight issues, and aches and pains.

When diving deeper into healthy living, at the cellular level from a mind-mouth-move platform, listeners and readers will gain practical tools, tips, and advice from husband and wife team Fred and Tracy Herbert who practice what they teach.

Tracy Herbert is a leading authority in diabetes, and author of “Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph” and “Ride for Hope”. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 40 years successfully and without any complications. Involved in health and wellness for over 20 years, she brings unique fun and energetic strategies to help others learn how to live healthy lives. Tracy has a B.S. in psychology, is a Trained Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, and helps people from all walks of life.

Fred is a reformed “supplement junkie” who learned after years of failed attempts at healthy living, the secret to finally achieving a healthy lifestyle to overcome his high blood pressure and other health issues by applying the things he learned and is ready to now teach in “Longevity Codes”.


One Woman's 3,527 Mile Solo Bicycle Ride That Inspired the Nation 

This grandmother’s solo bicycle ride across America from the Golden Gate Bridge in California, to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, provides readers with a unique glimpse of American countryside, and a lasting view of the American spirit at its best.

Ride along with Tracy Herbert through the forest, across the desert, up and down the mountains, and into the cities. This diary-style book gives a glimpse of Tracy’s indelible spirit. This grandmother’s “can-do” attitude will inspire you through the pages. Make stops with Tracy at local diners, camp sites, and big cities where she meets the people who inspire her as much as she inspires them. Are you ready to go on a bike ride?

This 57-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 17, was given no hope for a healthy life, yet here, to celebrate her 40th year of living with Diabetes, she triumphs as her legs carry her across 3,527 miles. She meets many people along the way whose lives have been touched by Diabetes either in themselves or in someone they love. Tracy also forms a plan for her foundation (Diabetes Technology Advocacy Foundation) as she pedals across incredibly difficult terrain.

Tracy not only beats the odds of her diagnosis over 40 years ago, but proves that a diagnosis does not mean the end of hope. Tracy’s message of hope and healthy living is spread throughout these pages. This grandmother of five continues to teach others how they can enjoy the same hope that she has come to cling to through this book, her webinars, podcasts, and personal coaching. The question is, “Are you ready to go for a bike ride?


Lessons form 40+ Years of Beating the Odds

Tracy’s first book, "Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph", quickly became an International Bestseller. Tracy tells her own story of how she discovered she had diabetes, and explains her diabetes journey of over 40 years, which led to how she became a leading authority on diabetes, health, and wellness. The idea for this book came from Tracy's Endocrinologist (a physician who specializes in diabetes management), who suggested Tracy write a book based on her decades of researching and practicing strategies that helped her outlive her life expectancy by over 20 years.

This well-written book helps to educate newly-diagnosed people with diabetes, or those who just want a clearer picture of how to manage the disease well, in everyday terms. It is estimated that one in four people have prediabetes and do not even know it, and that over 29 million Americans live with it. Tracy uses her passion and gift of encouragement to offer simple strategies in this book to those struggling to get control of their lives-the healthy way. The strategies outlined in this book can help readers to prevent or control their diabetes.

If facing diabetes, Tracy suggests taking this book to your doctor, and ask them to look it over. Every doctor who has reviewed her book says, 'this is exactly what they tell their patients and wish they would practice.'

One doctor even said, “I wish you would just come sit in my waiting room every day and share your wisdom with my patients. They probably wouldn’t even need me.” In 118 pages, Tracy is able to summarize the strategies she’s employed, to help others. Her nearly 40-years-of-research helps the reader to understand and apply in a short-read what has helped Tracy deal with this difficult disease with no complications.

Shortly after writing this book, and to prove her health and wellness strategies work, Tracy completed a solo continuous 3,527-mile bicycle ride across the United States. Tracy has a B.S. in psychology, is a trained wellness coach and certified personal trainer, and helps people from all walks of life. The focus of her coaching practice is working with clients newly diagnosed with prediabetes, struggling to take control of their Type 2 diabetes, and simply wanting help living a longer heathier life.

When Tracy came into my life she was truly a blessing to my life...since being under the leadership she has encouraged me to exercise and eat right and I truly see the difference in my life...I've learned how to treat my body with care and to exercise on a regular basis...she also taught me things I could do at home when I was unable to work out...again she has truly been a blessing in my life and I love her for sharing her gifts. ~ D. B.

I loved Tracy's enthusiasm and passion for helping others. She was so inspiring on how to deal with any struggle.~ S. F.