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"My mission is to provide hope and strategies for making the right choices which put you in control of your health and life!"

Tracy Herbert

Tracy Herbert beat all the odds and overcame every obstacle that stood in her way as she completed her solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York City. What started off as a celebration of outliving her life expectancy by 20 years became much more as it became a ride of hope for so many. You will be inspired as Tracy takes you through the adventures, discoveries, and challenges and introduces you to the wonderful people she met during her epic journey.


Tracy on the Dr. Oz Show

Out of all the speakers at this event, and there were a lot of amazing speakers here, Tracy is the standout.  She's the top expert in her field, and she's an amazing speaker. I'm so impressed by this woman. She's got a message and she's a powerful messenger. If you're thinking about having her come in to your event to speak, you'd be crazy not to have her. ~  Clint A.

People were like standing, crazy, clapping, insane. We love Tracy Herbert, she's a genius, she's a spectacular woman, she really knows her stuff. ~ Ali S.

 I highly recmmend Tracy Herbert. She's not only one of the greatest motivational speakers I've ever met, but she's truly an inspiration. I highly recommend Tracy for any venue. ~ Bruce E.

Absolutely amazing that anyone could do this, let alone someone with Type 1 Diabetes. ~ L. W.

Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness! ~ A. M.

National Speaker

Have Tracy speak at your next event. Your audience will leave your event empowered, inspired, motivated, and with tools they can apply now!

Podcast Host

This weekly podcast is designed to provide you the latest research, help with issues that causes setbacks, and give you strategies for optimal health.

Bestselling Author

Tracy is the bestselling author of two books, Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph and Ride for Hope. You can get them both now on Amazon.