90-DAY DIABETES BREAKTHROUGH COACHING PROGRAM is 12 weeks working directly one-on-one with Tracy Herbert as she guides and encourages you on your journey to take control of your diabetes and your health.

Whether beating diabetes takes the form of Prevention or Control, Tracy is here to support you in that journey. Diabetes Wellness Coaching is NOT a quick fix! It takes time to develop and incorporate new healthy lifestyle strategies, choices, and actions.


This program is not for everyone...


You must be ready and committed today to make new and better choices for your life and your health.


This program is for you if...

  • You have Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes
  • Ready for a change and committed to do the work necessary for 90 days in order to achieve your health goals
  • Recognize that you need an accountability partner and willing to meet weekly to help achieve outlined goals and strategies
  • Willing to make an investment in time and resources to speed up the rate of success
  • Ready to eliminate those old behaviors that have limited your success the past


Program Description:


  • 12 weekly 45 minute phone conversations personally with Tracy
  • Unlimited email access to Tracy addressing any questions, concerns, or setbacks you may have encountered
  • Weekly email tips from Tracy that address your specific challenges and tips for living a healthy life
  • Tracy will be your 90-Day Accountability Partner on your journey to get healthy and fight diabetes

Why an Interview?:


Tracy would like to have a short 15 minute call with you to discuss the program and make sure it is a good fit for you. It is designed for clients who are ready for a change and committed to making the necessary steps to change their health and their life, NOW! Schedule a call only if that sounds like you.



Tracy I am so appreciative of you! Your information has changed and saved my life! Had I not heard your information, when I went to the Doctor and he just started prescribing meds for me, I would have thought that is where I was at. Thanks to you and your inspiration plus proactive diet changes you encouraged, I knew there was hope to take my health under my control. ~ G. J.

When Tracy came into my life she was truly a blessing to my life...since being under the leadership she has encouraged me to exercise and eat right and I truly see the difference in my life...I've learned how to treat my body with care and to exercise on a regular basis...she also taught me things I could do at home when I was unable to work out...again she has truly been a blessing in my life and I love her for sharing her gifts. ~ D. B.

I loved Tracy's enthusiasm and passion for helping others. She was so inspiring on how to deal with any struggle.~ S. F.